Asha Alderik

Wandering Healer, Artist


You see before you a short, lithe Mulatto woman clad in patchwork harem pants and a colorful tank top. Her bare feet are dusty from the persistent desert sand, and she walks across hot asphalt as if across a carpeted room. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewelry drape her body like vines on a jungle tree, and a simple silver nose ring glints in the hot sunlight. You see similar glints from her ears, which are obscured by a nest of long black dreads that fall to her trim waist. A belt of festival pouches is slung low across her hips, and a beat up old hiking backpack festooned with patches, buttons and other decorations graces her back. Tattoos reminiscent of tribal henna designs curl up her hands and wrists. Her large brown eyes hold the immutable knowledge of pain and suffering, but there is also a twinkle in them that matches the crooked grin on her unpainted lips. A stick-on bindi adheres to her third eye, and it sparkles as she sways gently to the tribal African music playing from her iPod. “Hey.” She greets you with a flash of white teeth as she takes a wooden pipe from the hands of the lemur riding on her shoulder. “Got a light?”


Asha Alderik

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