Nigel Drakkensturm


You see before you a man that radiates an almost visible aura of evil. From his overbearing mannerisms to his explosive speech patterns, every fiber of your being screams that there is some nefariousness in his actions that you simply cannot discern. He seems to have forgotten to remove his lab coat and his belt is festooned with small tools, voltmeters, and gizmos. His constant mumbling and occasional verbalization of mathematical or chemical formula while scribbling ferociously in a small black notebook sets your nerves on edge. He suddenly pulls out a small digital recorder and speaks softly into it before bursting into classically maniacal laughter. Then turning his piercing gaze upon you he says,
“Hmmm, yes. Well what is it? I have work to do.”


a brief history

As a young boy Nigel was an easy target for bullies. He was always small and weak compared to the other boys. He was more interested in reading or drawing than sports, he was a perfect target. Born to a lower middle class family and attending an expensive private school provided by his fathers employer, Nigel was out of place at all times in his life. Never was this more apparent than when he failed to meet the physical demands of his educational curriculum. After one particularly ignominious failure in the gym the other students ostracized him. The resulting chase led him through the halls of the school in an attempt to find sanctuary before the school bruiser could locate him. He unknowingly choose to hide in the office of the schools most prestigious science teacher. The friendship of this eccentric but mighty intellect would guide Nigel through the following years as they studied the sciences together in private while other boys ran and played outside. It was only a couple of years later while building a small Tesla Coil that Nigel glimpsed the crackling power within the wires and awakened truly to the world of SCIENCE!

Alas, these halcyon days of discovery could not last in this dark world. Shortly after his awakening Nigel’s parents would die in a fatal watermelon truck accident. The rain of deadly watermelons showering his parents car from a precariously dangling truck on the overpass above them ended Nigel’s chance to continue the with the only thing in his life with meaning. Ripped away from the tutelage of Prof. Mournspark Nigel spent the next few years a ward of the state. Attending public school and living out his days seeking new discoveries in the libraries close to the foster home where he lived. Two years he waited in this festering, stinking, hole of an apartment, in the worst neighborhood. Living in a home where his presence was not required, only the paycheck he represented.

Desperation and the fight to escape this horrible twist of fate led to a new discovery. This seeking and the SCIENCE melded together to form a new connection granting him the ability to witness the entropic energies in the world around him. He could hear it in the screams echoing off of the walls in his new home. It lived in the streets by a dumpster and strummed a guitar for spare change. It RESONATED in all things around him and he set his mind to finding the frequency of loss. Through careful experimentation he found that he could match the frequency with a tuning fork specially prepared for this and he followed it’s wailing cries to freedom. Emancipation was only the first time he used his SCIENCE to improve his lot in life, but he would never forget the horror of the streets. This new insight called to him and he became a crusader for the downtrodden. Nigel knew that he possessed the insight and intellect to do what others had failed to do, to find a way to improve the lot of those unable to see the truth of world they lived in. But in order to make such grandiose changes more knowledge was required.

College was his next goal, new discoveries and new opportunity to create and learn how to use the insights granted him by the vastness of the cosmos. An endless summer in the Alps building watches with an old master of the art as repayment for a friend manifested a new insight into the workings of the universal harmonics.

Nigel Drakkensturm

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