Quintin Sikari

Archer, Hitchhiker, Handyman



Full Name: ????? Shadow Name: Quintin Sikari Nickname (s): Quin
Tradition: Chakravanti Faction: None Rank: Shravaka
Concept: Recovering Survivor
Gender: Male Age: 23 Birthday: 10/31/1990
Astrological Sign: Scorpio Sexuality: Straight Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: Scorpio Religion: The Wheel, Old Scratch, Ghosts City of Birth: Boston Massachusetts
Currently Lives: The Primavera Foundation Native Language: English Languages Spoken: English, a little Creole


Height: 6’ 2" Weight: 195lbs Figure/Build: Athletic Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Style: Close Cut Messy Eye Color: Green Skin Color: Light Tattoos: None
Piercings: None Scars/Distinguising marks: Large Birth Mark on Center of Chest Preferred style of clothing: Survival Clothes Frequently Worn Jewelry: Wheel of Life Necklace

Other Gear Carried: Baseball Cap, Compass, Ball of String, Radio, Fishing Spear, Fresh Fruit of varying kinds, Keening Stick, Military Duffle.

Smoker: No Drinker: Yes Drug User: No
Addictions: None. Allergies: bullets ;-) Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None


Likes: Travel, Cold Beer, Puzzles, Board Games, Dancing, Darts, Pool, Hunting, Fishing Dislikes: Cops, Flat Soda, Liars, Villans Fears/Phobias: Large Cats
Favorite Color: Aqua Marine Hobbies: Bar Games, Helping People, Finding Magic in the Cracks Taste in Music: Varries


???vore: Omnivore Favorite food(s): fish and chips Favorite drink(s): Scotch on the Rocks, Water Disliked food: Fermented foods Disliked drinks: Warm Beer


Describe the character’s house/home: None Sleeping space: Shelter Cot Significant/special belongings: Journal, Bow and Arrows Other: None


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Resolute Weapons (if any): Bow & Arrows, Staff, Spear Fetishes (if any): Thin blade and cat boots Weaknesses in combat: Multiple Opponents Strengths in combat: Fast, Accurate


Parents names: Johnathan and Petra Marx Are parents alive or dead?: Dead Siblings? Relationship with siblings?: Brother is dead, lost touch with Orphanage siblings
Other Important Relatives: None Known Partner(s)/Spouse/Mate: None Children: None
Best Friend: None Acquaintances: Many Pets: None

Quintin Sikari

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